Greetings and welcome to Stuff: Let’s Talk About It. This is going to be an opinion site, where I throw my two cents out there–though in this economy most teenagers don’t have two cents, and I’m not an exception. Buh-dum-psh.

I’ll discuss a wide range of topics–and by that I mean I’ll probably just talk about Monster Hunter and occasionally break away to rage about how America is full of inbred retards. What? We are!

So, if you think I’m funny or just enjoy watching me rage about stupid people for a few minutes, then feel free to sit back and watch the “u mad brah” antics. If you’re a right wing, conservative christian, who thinks that anything that isn’t a straight white christian male is “teh devul,” then please hold down the “Alt” key and press F4.

Well, for those of you who are still here, sit back, read, and have fun.

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Leave a comment agreeing with, raging against, or indifferencing me! (Indifference is totally a verb now gaiz)

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