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Now, I like a challenge. I really, really do. But you know what’s just plain unfair? Sicking three major bosses that I classify under the Why Won’t You Die? trope on me. At the same time. In a small area that makes it hard to split enemy forces up. When all of these bosses are fast and fire very nasty projectiles at me.

Hey, guys, remember when I said that? Y’know, last post? Remember how I was talking about a mission in God Eater where you had to fight two Chi-Yous and one Vajra at the same time? Haha, wasn’t that a good time? Yeah, good thing that was the only mission like that.

Anyway, if you guys need me, I’ll still be playing GE.

Let’s see, Difficulty Six, sounds good… Let’s see and… Wait, no. Hahaha, no. That’s funny guys. But no, seriously, what’s the next mission I have to do?

… Hahaha, hahaha, ha. Ha. Hahahaha. Ha. Ha. FUCKING. HA.

One Chi-You.

One fallen Chi-You.

One Vajra.

In a level comprised entirely of narrow corridors.

And every single one of them is chasing me.


And the moment I actually manage to separate them the partner A.I. decides to come meet up with me. And bring the fucking Street Fighter Wannabe Birds with them.

Y’know, Monster Hunter never pulled this shit. Ever. No. Fuck you. What is wrong with you. This is the kind of territory even Shin Megami Tensei doesn’t dare tread. It doesn’t make you ballsy. It makes you look like a retard who can’t figure out how to make a game legitimately difficult.